keep going energy for your self-awareness journey

when: fourth quarter of twenty twenty 
song: hard place, h.e.r
where: in my living room 
time: two thirty seven pm
mood: vibing
"keep going the person you are becoming deserves it," isn't just her sticky hope's mantra but it's a lifestyle. in life, you'll experience some challenging seasons but the magic is in not giving up on yourself or your journey. your current season has a purpose and so do you. self-awareness is one of those tools you'll never want to leave the house without. to be honest, self-awareness is the G.O.A.T. keep bagging it. keep healing. keep growing. keep going, the person you are becoming deserves it. 

Here are 11 questions you can ask yourself today to strengthen your self-awareness muscles:

  1. When am I at my best? 
  2. What kind of person do I want to be today?
  3. What situations make me feel terrible, and what do they have in common? 
  4. What activities am I doing when it feels like time flies by?
  5. What is working well in my life and work today? 
  6. If I had a magic wand, how would my life be better in 3 months? 
  7. If I change nothing, what will your life look like three months from now? How does this make me feel?
  8. What actions, if taken, would make me proud of myself, regardless of the outcome?
  9. When negative thoughts arise, how do I deal with them? 
  10. How do I stay grounded when I feel overwhelmed? 
  11. What motivates me to make progress? 

The goal isn't to answer these questions immediately or to have a perfectly formulated response to each inquiry. The deepest work is in the art of asking, and attuning to what arises, so it can lead you back to yourself.