h e r s t i c k y h o p e

Hey you!
Glad you stopped by.
My name is Anquette
I am the Creator of  h e r  s t i c k y  h o p e.
h e r  s t i c k y h o p e 
provides encouragement
through conversations,
merch, and experiences.
h e r  s t i c k y h o p e
truly started when I realized I needed 
encouragement to keep going.
I remember being so depressed.
I started using 
my love language
"Words of affirmations"
along with therapy in order
to become self-aware and start my growth
healing journey.
I began to share quotes,
affirmations, encouraging 
words and resources.
My thoughts and encouragement
were shared on social media
and hashtagged 
as #herstickyhope.
From that start, I was asked
to be on a panel to discuss
mental health.
From that experience, I was asked to 
have a public conversation
on millennial encouragement.
That experience was a recorded experience.
I shared this experience
with h e r  s t i c k y h o p e's
From there they
requested for me to create a podcast.
From the podcast, the h e r  s t i c k y  h o p e
movement has continued to grow and evolve. 
I'm excited to journey with you.
I share encouraging words, inspo,
my experiences, and the experiences of others
with hopes that someone will be encouraged,
someone would choose to go for it,
someone will find their glow and own it
someone will find the courage to keep going.
I warmly welcome you to the h e r s t i c k y h o p e
experience and journey!
Life is an experience, not a race, find opportunity in
every moment! Keep going the person
you are becoming deserves it.