h e r s t i c k y h o p e



Hey you!

Glad you stopped by

My name is Anquette

I am the Creator of  h e r   s t i c k y  h o p e!

 h e r   s t i c k y  h o p e

truly started with me

sharing my heart

encouraging words

my story

my setbacks

my inspiration

my wisdom

and my passion.

hence the "h e r" in 

h e r  s t i c k y  h o p e

I'm excited to journey with you.

I share encouraging words, inspo,

my experiences, and the experiences of others

with hopes that someone will be inspired

someone would choose to go for it

someone will find their glow and own it

someone will find the courage to keep going.

I warmly welcome you to my experience and journey!
Life is an experience, not a race find opportunity in
every moment!
with love,